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Qinghai Guoxin aluminum industry Co., Ltd is Qinghai Province Investment Group Holdings Limited is a professional production of high precision, high strength, hard aluminum alloy tubes, rods, profiles production enterprise. The company registered capital of RMB 354 million yuan, the total assets of 1 billion 380 million yuan.

Company has advanced horizontal hydraulic extrusion machine, the main body of the extrusion equipment 100MN, 75MN double action forward extrusion machine; 55Mn, 36MN single moving forward extrusion machine; 55Mn, 28MN double reverse extrusion machine; 2600USTon 2100USTon single forward extrusion machine; 1880USTon, 1100USTon double action is to squeeze machine. Among them, 55MN and 28MN double acting reverse extrusion machine full set of equipment manufactured by the German company sms. The extrusion diameter for all kinds of tubes and bars of 50-520mm; area of various types of profiles of 4 ~ 418cm2. High precision cold processing equipment 20MN, 10MN, 6MN tension straightening machine; 120t, 30t, 10t, LG60-H, LG90-H drawing machine; LG30-H series of cold rolling mill. Excellent production technology and equipment, advanced equipment, the main production equipment and testing equipment were introduced from abroad. The company mainly produces high precision, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant special aluminum alloy pipe bar. Products are mainly used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, military, new energy, heavy industry and other special areas.

The company is now equipped with a technical center (central laboratory), which has been assessed as the engineering and technology center of Qinghai province. Instrument can be used to measure the thermoelectric direct reading spectrometer and plasma spectrometer, British Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, the German Zeiss metallographic microscope and image analyzer, Shimadzu universal material testing machine, Israel materials section measuring system of the first into the instrument. The technology center can not only Aluminum Alloy tube rod type production of chemical composition analysis, metallographic examination and mechanical property test, also can meet the needs of the development of new products, new technology.

Company to new business philosophy, is committed to in new product development and technological progress, adhere to the "quality, price, reputation, service" business principles, with excellent products, quality service, integrity cooperation from all walks of life in society.

The company to strengthen scientific management, to ensure and enhance the quality of products, and vigorously carry out the "new products, new technology, new technology, new materials," four new R & D work. The development of "key technology" Aluminum Alloy short process forming project, has been included in the 12th Five-Year national technology support project, the project by the South China University of Technology responsible by my company and other six units for the development and demonstration; development and application of "intensive" Aluminum Alloy hollow ingot with multiple level hot top casting project has through the acceptance and identification of science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province, as the leading domestic level, to fill the domestic blank of the project, the company has been put into production with hollow spindle phi 460/192, Phi 460/152, Phi 260/83, Phi 260/122; "the development and application of" 5083 Aluminum Alloy ingot forging the project through technical appraisal identification and evaluation, "innovative, reached the national advanced level; the piston with 4032 Aluminum Alloy primary silicon line size is only 0.0079mm, than the domestic standards 0 .08mm, narrowing the ten times; the same level hot top casting technology, successful casting out 7 series super duralumin alloy phi is of large size solid round ingot, Phi 460*15.2 hollow ingot the technology reached the leading domestic level; high strength and ultra high strength aluminum alloy series products of 2A12, 2024, 7A04 and 7075 obtained the development, production and application, which the mechanical properties of the two series, 7 series aluminum alloy were higher than national standards for more than 20%.

Basic information

Company name:Qinghai Guoxin aluminum industry Co., LtdMajor market:Global
Set up time:2006 YearRecent export port: Tianjin, Lianyungang, Qingdao, Shanghai
Enterprise nature:Manufacturer & traderIs there an overseas office:No
Main business:Aluminum alloy, manufacturingNumber of employees in foreign trade department:Number of employees 9
More products:1-7, 6A02, 7A04, aluminum production, 5052, 5053, 2A70, 2A50, Aluminum Alloy seamless pipeNumber of R & D personnel:11-20 people
Street address:(National) economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunlun East Road, No. 55Quantity of quality control personnel:21-30 people
brand:Guo MingTotal number of employees:500 ~ 3000 people
Factory area:105,950m2Workshop address:(National) economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunlun East Road, No. 55