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Qinghai Guoxin Aluminum Co., Ltd. technology center was formally established in November 2011, belonging to Qinghai Province Investment Group Co., Ltd. technology center, which belongs to the technical center of provincial level. Our company includes many high-end technical personnel, the existing staff of a total of 22, including 3 senior engineers, technical personnel and management personnel of intermediate title following 19.

Technology center as a core part of the company technology, is mainly responsible for the company's technology research and development, new product development, product quality improvement, technology consulting, technology services, scientific research projects of the project with the implementation of the declaration, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, technology personnel training and technical training.

Since its establishment, the company has developed new products, new technology and new technology research and development, and has made remarkable achievements. In addition to technical center and South China University of Technology jointly implement the "12th Five-Year" National Science and technology support program in the "Aluminum Alloy short process accurate casting technology" project, is also involved in a number of key enterprises reporting municipal scientific and technological innovation project: high silicon Aluminum Alloy (4032) R & D projects; project for the production of Aluminum Alloy profiles high speed rail bus structure; research and application of 5083 Aluminum Alloy ingot forging use; development and application of intensive multiple Aluminum Alloy hollow spindle horizontal casting technology; industry technological transformation projects; intensive level hard Aluminum Alloy project; casting production line technological transformation projects were approved, made the relevant departments of different levels of support funds. Part of the project through acceptance, as a leading, advanced technological achievements registered, and awarded a certificate of achievement of science and technology, the key technology center I do declare patent.

Through unremitting efforts, technical center now has from Qinghai Province Science and technology agency recognized and awarded four scientific and technological achievement certificate; by the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office recognized and awarded a utility model patent certificate.