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Aluminium alloy melting and casting equipmentAll

Outer guiding a fixed static static static allocation of company casting workshop 10 tons of regenerative aluminum melting furnace, 15 tons of regenerative aluminum melting furnace a, 25 tons of regenerative aluminum melting furnace; 10 tons of tilting furnace, 15 tons of tilting furnace, 25 tons of fixed furnace; 25 tons of homogenizing furnace 2 sets of 15 tons of homogenizing furnace a. 25 tons of cooling chamber a; 3 tons of rectangular aluminum melting furnace; 1.5 tons of medium frequency coreless induction melting aluminium furnace; equipped with the most advanced hydraulic casting machine, including 10 tons of casting machine 2 sets of 15 tons of casting machine, one Taiwan, 25 tons of casting machine, one Taiwan; also equipped with the most advanced permanent magnet aluminum alloy solution mixing system. The workshop can be cast from 1 series to 8 series of all kinds of aluminum alloy round ingot and hollow ingot.
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    Hydraulic system of casting machine
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    15 tons of furnace online in addition to gas filtering electric heating
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    Annealing furnace
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    Aging furnace

Aluminum alloy extrusion equipmentALL

Extrusion workshop equipped with the current domestic advanced double acting reverse hydraulic extrusion machine and other pair of moving forward, single acting forward hydraulic extrusion machine, is the domestic production of high strength hard alloy tubes, rods, profiles varieties, large scale production enterprises.
Main equipment:
1, Taiyuan Heavy Industry Design, production of 100MN double action forward extrusion press for a
2, Taiyuan heavy industry production 75MN double acting forward extrusion machine, one Taiwan
3, Taiyuan heavy single action 55MN extrusion machine:
4, SMS Demag produced 55MN double action reverse extrusion machine
5, Taiyuan heavy machinery factory production of 36MN single extrusion machine two
6, SMS Demag produced 28MN double action reverse extrusion machine
7, Taiwan Meirui 26USTon single acting extrusion machine:
8, Taiwan Meirui 21USTon single acting extrusion machine:
9, Taiwan Meirui 18USTon double action extrusion machine two
10, Taiwan Meirui 11USTon double action extrusion machine two
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    1100USTONDouble acting forward extrusion machine
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    75MN extruding machine
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    55MN extruding machine
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    36MN extruding machine

Aluminum alloy cold working equipmentALL

Company is equipped with professional ingot saw cutting, wagon, boring equipment can be of a diameter of 170 - 805 mm round ingot and hollow spindle for deep processing. The company also has a complete set of processing equipment and the production of cold processing equipment, there is a domestic advanced 3T vertical quenching two; 12, 6 meters and 24, 12, 6 meters aging annealing furnace. Configuration of 20Mn, 10MN, for 3.6 Mn tons hydraulic tension straightening straightening machine for domestic large tension straightening machine, straightening aluminum length range is 2.5-14 meters; profiles for: 200 mm, width of 900 mm, tube, bar diameter range: 150-500 mm. Large industrial profiles, such as national defense industry, high speed train, etc., can be straightened out. Configuration GZ4232, GZ4232A, GZ4265 type automatic high-speed horizontal band saw machine special and GZ5360/100T, GZ4265 type automatic high-speed special vertical band sawing machine each one, can be sawing various 100-600 mm long and 14 m in diameter tubes, rods, profiles, is currently the most advanced, saw blade with thin aluminum materials saw cutting special equipment.
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    PLG program control system of homogeneous furnace
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    15 tons of aluminum melting furnace
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    15 tons of heat preservation furnace
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    15 ton furnace 308mm diameter mould