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Guoxin Company hundred River casting workshop for the first time trial production of 6 series alloys with 178 casting success


From September 16, 2013, 100 River casting workshop came the good news, the workshop organized for the first time trial production of 6 series alloys with 178 casting success. Co casting qualified casting rod 54, forming rate reached 100%, with a total weight of about 16.8 tons, the inspection of the quality indicators can meet the technological requirements, this is also our since its takeover won its first trial production of the opener, for future officially put into operation created got off to a good start.

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the province integration of the electrolytic aluminum, aluminum processing industry spirit and group, our in 2013 by the end of May, the establishment of the hundred River casting production line of the takeover panel, to proceed with the implementation of the hundred River casting production line receiving and transformation of the work. Group to take over the first diagnostic work on casting production line equipment, facilities, in accordance with the reform scheme on June 16, the facilities and equipment, gradually rebuilding. Facing the time is tight and heavy tasks, fewer personnel and other problems, to take over the team give full play to the strength of large groups ", overcome the lack of equipment drawings, documents and damage to the equipment, facilities, more unfavorable factors, after more than two months of continuous fighting, so that damage to the device can be recovered, and have a trial production conditions.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the first trial production, the workshop held a meeting before the casting, to clear the responsibilities of work, strict process discipline, strengthen the sense of responsibility. On September 15, workshop and began trial production line 6 alloy with diameter 178 cast rods, casting process operators to strictly comply with operating procedures and process, to guarantee the casting parameters tended to be stable, technical personnel, quality control personnel tracking, strict supervision of the process of operation, each step of the loop is buckled, closely linked, to ensure that the foundry work smoothly. With the one point one point cast rod extension, the scene of tension in the mood also eased, a few months of hard work and sweat in exchange for the success of the joy.

6 series alloy with diameter of 178 cast rod successful trial production, once again raise the our own capacity, marking the our preliminary mastered the first-hand information on the 6 series alloy casting, to lay a good foundation for the next 2, 5 and 7 series alloy casting, effectively alleviate our reliance on outsourcing cast rod avoidance supplies the passive situation. At the same time, the future our relying on hundred River in casting workshop processes to achieve short casting, greatly reducing production costs, improve market competitiveness, improve the group company internal liquid aluminum deep processing has important practical significance and guiding role.