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2012 work summary and 2013 work arrangement


   Seven aspects: first, deputy general manager of the company Zhang Xixun on behalf of the company management team made the 2012 work summary and 2013 work arrangement "report, informed the Guoxin company in 2012 operating indicators of the completion, and the development of production organization and equipment modification, the marketing work from, construction project, safety management, technology research and development of 2012 were detailed summary, in view of the problems existing in 2012 the company to operate, to 2013 the business objectives and take corresponding measures were arranged. The report pointed out that the 2013 companies from marketing, safety management, construction project, cost control, Party building work continue to improve, to co-ordinate and arrangement of the relationship between the objectives, tasks, unite a thought, unite, make concerted efforts to attack storm tough, mobilize all positive factors, efforts to ensure that in 2013 the business objectives of the smooth realization.